Natalie Stanton Environmental Health Officer
Natalie Stanton Environmental Health Officer

Hi, I’m Natalie Stanton, your food safety course trainer.

Grow your food business with confidence

I love seeing food businesses succeed. Food safety is a must. But it doesn’t need to keep you up at night… that’s why it’s my mission to empower food business owners like you by sharing my knowledge as an EHO.

Get a sneak peek into the world of EHOs so you can be prepared for your food hygiene inspection and get the rating that you deserve.

Feel confident, protected, and knowledgeable so that you can start focusing on building your business. And stop worrying about your upcoming inspection.

Why choose a food safety course taught by an EHO?

Throughout my years as an EHO, I have seen the consequences of poorly trained staff. It only takes one mistake by a food handler to cost you your food hygiene rating or cause a food poisoning outbreak. And there is no second chance. You need to get it right the first time…

As it’s the EHO (or food safety officer) who does your inspection, checks your food hygiene certificates, and asks your staff questions about food safety, it would make sense they’re the person to train you, right?

But actually, most Level 2 Food Safety Food Safety courses aren’t taught by EHOs. And they don’t give you the confidence you need to run your food business without doubt…

Which is why I decided to create a course with a difference for you, offering the first self-paced video course delivered by an actual EHO.

I always knew I wanted to be an EHO...

As a child, I loved TV programmes such as…”A Life of Grime” and “Food Inspectors”

Strange, I know! Even then I knew I wanted to be an Environmental Health Officer. Although I confess, I didn’t know the exact job title back then.

Let’s skip forward a “few” years. 13 years of food safety and health and safety experience are under my belt. I’ve worked for 6 local authorities. A mix of London Boroughs and District councils. As I’m sure you can imagine, no two days were ever the same. I’ve seen the good, the bad and pretty much everything in between…

I’ve also worked with many clients in the private sector including ExCeL London. Check out my EHO badge below.